Class SchemaProcessorUtil

  • public class SchemaProcessorUtil
    extends Object
    Class to be used by schema processor but also by SchemaDefinitionFactory subclasses.
    Radovan Semancik
    • Constructor Detail

      • SchemaProcessorUtil

        public SchemaProcessorUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • hasAnnotation

        public static boolean hasAnnotation​(com.sun.xml.xsom.XSType xsType,
                                            QName annotationElementName)
      • getAnnotationElement

        public static Element getAnnotationElement​(com.sun.xml.xsom.XSAnnotation annotation,
                                                   QName qname)
      • getAnnotationElements

        public static @NotNull List<Element> getAnnotationElements​(com.sun.xml.xsom.XSAnnotation annotation,
                                                                   QName qname)
      • getAnnotationQName

        public static QName getAnnotationQName​(com.sun.xml.xsom.XSAnnotation annotation,
                                               QName qname)
      • getAnnotationBooleanMarker

        public static Boolean getAnnotationBooleanMarker​(com.sun.xml.xsom.XSAnnotation annotation,
                                                         QName qname)
                                                  throws SchemaException
        Parses "marker" boolean annotation. This means: no element: false empty element: true non-empty element: parse element content as boolean
      • dumpAnnotation

        public static String dumpAnnotation​(com.sun.xml.xsom.XSAnnotation annotation)