Class ShadowIntegrityCheckTaskHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    TaskHandler, WorkBucketAwareTaskHandler

    public class ShadowIntegrityCheckTaskHandler
    extends AbstractModelTaskHandler<ShadowIntegrityCheckTaskHandler,​ShadowIntegrityCheckTaskHandler.TaskExecution>
    Task handler for "Shadow integrity check" task. The purpose of this task is to detect and optionally delete duplicate shadows, i.e. distinct shadows that correspond to the same resource object. * Task handler for "Normalize attribute/property data" task. The purpose of this task is to normalize data stored in repository when the corresponding matching rule changes (presumably from non-normalizing to normalizing one, e.g. from case sensitive to case insensitive). The reason is that if the data in the repository would be stored in non-normalized form, the would be effectively hidden for any search on that particular attribute.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ShadowIntegrityCheckTaskHandler

        public ShadowIntegrityCheckTaskHandler()
    • Method Detail

      • getCategoryName

        public String getCategoryName​(Task task)
        Description copied from interface: TaskHandler
        Returns a category name for a given task. In most cases, the name would be independent of concrete task.
        task - a task, whose category is to be determined; if getCategoryNames() returns null, this method has to accept null value as this parameter, and return the (one) category name that it gives to all tasks
        a user-understandable name, like "LiveSync" or "Workflow"
      • getArchetypeOid

        public String getArchetypeOid()
        Archetype OID for tasks that are powered by this handler.