Interface StructuredProgressCollector

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    RunningLightweightTask, RunningTask, RunningTaskStatisticsCollector

    public interface StructuredProgressCollector
    Object capable of receiving updates on structured progress. NOTE: These methods do NOT update information in `task.prism`. They only affect `task.statistics`. Do not forget to call appropriate "update" methods afterwards. NOTE: Structured progress is NOT maintained in worker LATs.
    • Method Detail

      • setStructuredProgressPartInformation

        void setStructuredProgressPartInformation​(String partUri,
                                                  Integer partNumber,
                                                  Integer expectedParts)
        Signals to structured progress that we entered specified task part. This clears the 'open' progress items.
      • markStructuredProgressAsComplete

        void markStructuredProgressAsComplete()
        Marks structured progress for given part as complete.
      • changeStructuredProgressOnWorkBucketCompletion

        void changeStructuredProgressOnWorkBucketCompletion()
        Adapts structured progress when a bucket is complete. This moves all 'open' items to 'closed'.
      • markAllStructuredProgressClosed

        void markAllStructuredProgressClosed()
        Temporary method: all "open" counters are switched to "closed" state.