Interface RunningTaskStatisticsCollector

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    RunningLightweightTask, RunningTask

    public interface RunningTaskStatisticsCollector
    extends StructuredProgressCollector
    "Statistics collection" aspect of a running task. Definition: Statistics are: 1. Operational statistics (OperationStatsType), 2. Structured progress, 3. Legacy progress. Various parts of operational statistics (e.g. synchronization information, actions executed information) are optional: they may or may not be maintained. Also, structured progress may or may not be maintained. For example, it is intentionally not maintained in LATs. If it is maintained, the legacy progress is computed from it. BEWARE: Thread-local statistics (repo, caching, ...) need to be updated ONLY from the thread to which they are related. This is controlled by `updateThreadLocalStatistics` parameter. Be sure to set it to `true` only when running in appropriate thread. (There is a check for that, but we should not rely on it too much.) The process of updating statistics is multi-level: 1. From thread-local structures to task.statistics field. (This is the thread-critical part.) This has to be done for low-level statistics that are gathered for current thread: repo, cache, etc. See refreshThreadLocalStatistics(). 2. From task.statistics to task.prism. Here the subtask aggregation usually takes place. Can be done from any thread. See updateStatisticsInTaskPrism(boolean). 3. From task.prism to the repository. This takes a lot of time, so it is driven by time interval. See updateAndStoreStatisticsIntoRepository(boolean, OperationResult) and storeStatisticsIntoRepositoryIfTimePassed(OperationResult) methods. Statistics collection is always started by calling startCollectingStatistics(StatisticsCollectionStrategy) method.
    • Method Detail

      • startCollectingStatistics

        void startCollectingStatistics​(@NotNull
                                       @NotNull StatisticsCollectionStrategy strategy)
        Initializes the process of collecting statistics in Statistics object embedded in the task.
      • refreshThreadLocalStatistics

        void refreshThreadLocalStatistics()
        Refreshes thread-local statistics held in `task.statistics` from their respective thread-local stores. *Call from the thread that executes the task ONLY! Otherwise wrong data might be recorded.*
      • updateStatisticsInTaskPrism

        void updateStatisticsInTaskPrism​(boolean updateThreadLocalStatistics)
        Updates statistics in prism object, based on dynamic information and thread-local data. (Updates TL stats if requested. Beware of the threads.)
      • storeStatisticsIntoRepositoryIfTimePassed

        void storeStatisticsIntoRepositoryIfTimePassed​(OperationResult result)
        Stores statistics from `task.prism` to the repository, if the specified time interval passed. The time interval is there to avoid excessive repository operations. (Writing a large task can take quite a long time.)
      • storeStatisticsIntoRepository

        void storeStatisticsIntoRepository​(OperationResult result)
        Stores statistics from `task.prism` to the repository. Costly operation.
      • updateAndStoreStatisticsIntoRepository

        void updateAndStoreStatisticsIntoRepository​(boolean updateThreadLocalStatistics,
                                                    OperationResult result)
        Convenience method: Updates the statistics in `task.prism`, and stores them into the repository. Costly operation.
      • incrementProgressAndStoreStatisticsIfTimePassed

        void incrementProgressAndStoreStatisticsIfTimePassed​(OperationResult result)
        Convenience method: Increments the legacy progress. Updates the statistics all the way through and stores them to repo if the time interval came. Beware: 1. If structured progress is enabled, there is no point in increasing legacy progress. This method is to be used only for handlers other than AbstractTaskHandler. 2. Because this encompasses thread-local stats update, *CALL ONLY FROM THE THREAD EXECUTING THE TASK!*
      • setStatisticsRepoStoreInterval

        void setStatisticsRepoStoreInterval​(long interval)
        Sets the interval for storing statistics into the repository.